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Dolphins cut Isaako Aaitui


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Aug 13, 2003
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Disappointed to announce the Dolphins have released client Isaako Aaitui. Hope is he’ll be claimed tomorrow if not practice squad likely

With Aaitui's release and the fact that Thomas and Brenner will likely be placed on some sort of injury list, the Dolphins could have three open spots to fill this week.
Crap,there goes the season.
did jonas gray sign with anyone, not saying sign him ,but ireland likes bringing back old players

also the safety D J CAMPBELL got cut i think
hopefully Aaitui's ends up on P SQUAD ,surprised he didnt play yesterday
Jonas Gray I think was on the Ravens PS. How about Kory Sheets.
Maybe we use Thigpen to back up rb and use a different kick and punt returner, preferably one that runs toward the goal line instead if the side line.
Jonas Gray I think was on the Ravens PS. How about Kory Sheets.
Sheets Grey cup MVP- 197 yards 2 touchdowns. Not sure why we are cutting players unless Ireland is trying to look like he is doing something. We already have open roster spot.
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