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Dolphins have toughest schedule in 05


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NFL | Toughest, Weakest Schedules - from
Wed, 8 Jun 2005 20:34:03 -0700

Vic Ketchman, of, reports the toughest schedules in the NFL this season, according to this year's opponents' winning percentages last season, belong to the Miami Dolphins .547, New England Patriots .539, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs .535, and Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers .531. The softest schedules belong to the St. Louis Rams .445, Arizona Cardinals .449, Philadelphia Eagles .453, Seattle Seahawks .457 and Washington Redskins .465.

It doesn't surprise me.
Keep in mind though, it's the toughest schedule based on last year's standards. Everything fluctuates, just because a team was good last year doesn't mean that they're going to be good this year and vice versa. But on paper yes, it looks like it's going to be a tough schedule for us this season. Also, I don't blame the league, it's how the system works and not a personal agenda that the league has it out for us. And also, it's not really just us, it's our whole division based having the hardest schedule based on those standards.
schedule & night games

True. We definitely won't be the same team as last year, so I don't see our schedule being as hard as they're predicting. It does suck however, that they believe we're going to be so bad that we couldn't land any night games. What's up w/dat?
Miami plays New England and New York (Jets), both of which made the playoffs, and Buffalo came close, twice each. Add Denver, San Diego, and Atlanta, more playoff teams, you are going to have a projected hard schedule going by the previous year's records.

But when you look at it again, you see Buffalo with a first year quarterback, the Jets old team a year older, New England without one of their defensive leaders and they lost their coordinators.

Then we play a bunch of teams that either suck or could blow up like Denver, New Orleans, Oakland, Cleveland, and Tennessee. All starts to look good.
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