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Dolphins in December


Nov 19, 2001
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We Fin fans need to get down on our knees and pray for some uncharacteristically late season success. If we win out we have a good chance of being the #1 seed and that could lead into some unchartered territory, like the later rounds of the playoffs. If Jay keeps playin well and they can get a descent running game going the O will be fine. If the D stays healthy then they will be fine. Our kickers are top of the line and we have good coaches. Therefore, it may seem improbable to many Fin supporters or other football fans, but the Dolphins are not that bad of a team and it is very conceivable that they can achieve great things this season. I would love to see them just go to the SB. If we can get there then we may be able to pull it all off.

Stranger Things Have Happened!

P.S. Go Jay Fiedler, I like him and so should you

Also, lets hope Sam M. comes back and plays like the superstar he is, because he has been missed dearly. J. Fletcher has been exposed and teams are killing us with big plays.
the #2 seed is not that bad!

we would still get a bye! just hope KC and Pitt can put it together this sunday! :D
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