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Mar 21, 2002
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-- A couple of weeks ago, on the day he was to fly up to Cleveland and then move on to St. Louis, Cris Carter was in the Dolphins' offices saying how much he wanted to finish his career in Miami. No way he wanted to play for the Browns, he said. No way he wanted to be the Rams' third receiver, he said. But he went to Cleveland anyway and stayed longer than he was supposed to as he tried to get the Browns to increase their $1.5 million offer. He stayed so long he pushed back his St. Louis visit, which prompted Mike Martz to angrily withdraw the Rams' invitation. Pretty soon, the Browns backed away too. And so, it's come down to Miami for the future Hall of Famer. So, why hasn't Carter done the deal? Money. He wants at least $2 million. The Dolphins are offering him $1.3 million, the same amount Oronde Gadsden is making (Miami will release Gadsden if they sign Carter).

The Jaguars may have blown their chance to trade Fred Taylor. That is, if they ever had much of a chance to begin with. When the Dolphins were in the early stages of their negotiations to get Ricky Williams, they knocked on the Jags' door about Taylor. The response was so wishy-washy that the Dolphins took Taylor off their list. Now, the market for a veteran RB, especially one with Taylor's injury history, is almost non-existent. With Taylor probably stuck in Jacksonville for another year, he's again making noise about a new deal. Interestingly, we're told he was willing to play another year under his current contract had he been dealt to Miami
This is why you see sooo many nasty grams about CC from me on the site. He is trying to hamstring for a better deal and now he knows he won't get the money he wants. That sounds like a formula for a BAD attitude(ie Locker room distraction). I do not think they will get rid of OG if they get CC. OG is awesome in the red zone.

As far as Taylor...We'll be allright with Rickey...
I know Carter is a lot better than Gadsden (obviously) but I wouldn't be to happy if we released Gadsden. He has helped us out a lot, but whatever happens happens. And this is for 87, if we release Gadsden, what happens to the interview?
Wouldn't it be wiser to release McNight than Gadsden? Or does McNight not make 1.3million we would need to fit Carter under the cap. OG is so valuable in the redzone and on 3rd and short. McNight seems to have a tough time holding onto the ball. I can't get that Jets play outta my head.
why would we release gadsden???it makes no sense to me...we would have chambers,mcknight,ward,gadsden and carter...we would be stacked at wr and keep in mind that we always have injuries...
I really want carter, but NOT at the cost of Gadsen....if someone HAS to go it would be Mcknight..I SAY: KEEP EM ALL.............
Yeah, why not keep them all?? I don't believe we'll release OG. He's too good and too big.

If we get Carter, great. If not, great. I really don't care. As long as we don't drop any of our WRs.

First of All----the Dolphins have not made a formal offer to CARTER or his new agent--MITCH FRANKEL. And they are not going to be offfering CARTER 1.3 FAT FREDDY..eluded too.
Nothing is going to happen today or tomorrow...the Dolphins and FRANKEL...have just talked about the basics....the parameters on how a deal can get done....but like I said...the Dolphins do not have an official offer for them yet.
From what I am hearing....the Dolphins are very concerned about how CARTER will react...if he does not start. They want to make sure that CARTER will accept whatever role...the Dolphins give him....
CARTER has now told both RICKY WILLIAMS and JAY FIEDLER that he would like to join the team...but you really can't judge too much into the way that CARTER has handled his own world-tour....he just burned a lot of a very short span of FA time....and looks like CARTER has fallen down...and making his land stand to save face.
The interest has always been there for the far as CARTER is concerned. WANN-SPIEL just said from the onset--we are interested, Chris...but we will not pay anyhwere what you are currently asking you want to play here..and for the veteran minimum...with many incentive laden clauses for you to make lots more money....then maybe we will sit down and discuss it with you. That is what they said...and they (WANN-SPIEL) have stook to there guns..
Now....its reality check time for CHRIS CARTER. Its time for him to come down in his demands.....sign for what the Dolphins are willing to give him...that low veteran base...with all the incentives. There are not many destinations left for CARTER...these days...especially not one that looks as good for him to go out like a champion.
CHRIS CARTER...IMO....will be signing on with the Dolphins...and yes....its by his own default. And who can blame the DOLPHINS for getting an eventual HALL OF FAME wideout....for a nice price? That is the bottom line....the Dolphins did not expect CARTER to come back...and now here he is... What should they do....? They should first talk to CARTER about what is expected....the room role...etc. ....and then if CARTER pledges his best to the team....then you should offer him a contract.

I believe the word is that they'll be officially talking to Cryin' Chris next week so any formal offers will be on the table then. I also don't believe that OG would be released if Carter is signed it just wouldn't make any sense; OG is still a very good posession receiver and an excellent red zone threat. I'd say McKnight is most likely to be released if Carter is signed (please God, don't let that happen.) My hunch however, is that the 'Fins will keep all of their current receivers on the roster at least through trainging camp and will release anyone they're going to release then.
Yup they would keep all the recievers just because McKnight is far too expensive to cut. However don't count out the rumor about maybe Orende getting cut to make room for Carter. Orende is in the last year of a 3 year contract that he has always felt like he signed for "below market value" and the phins probably won't have the cap room to resign him next year. By cutting him we would be saving his 1.35 million salary and 1/3rd of the signing bonus he was given (don't know the salary bonus #'s offhand).

So Wanny/Spielman might be thinking that they could have Carter for a couple years that would give them a chance to draft a WR later on at a cheaper price then Orende.
I have one question, if you signed an incentive laden deal, and then were told you didn't make the starting line-up, What would your attitude be like? Not good probably.

We're talking Cris Carter here, so "not good", Definately.

Releasing OG, is actually not a bad option. We get a "happy" Carter for two years,(he would start over McKnight and move to the slot when we go threee wide) we avoid over paying an arthritic toe'd receiver next year, and we have a future HOFer to show the new CC the intricacies of the pro game.
As long as "losing" doesn't enter into the equation, this sounds like an excellent idea.

I know every body here loves OG, but, knowing arthritic toes arent' going to get any better and he's slow already, are you willing to give him a 3year deal for at least 4.5 million next year.
I'm sorry but, OG is going to be one of the first players gone as we enter reload mode. Might as well let him go now if we have C Carter to take his place for a couple of years.
This is for the older rockers out there, Didn't there used to be a song, maybe called, " CC rider"?
It went something like, "ooooooooooooh, cc rider......"
Anyway, if we sign CCarter, we would have "CC wideouts", just a dumb thought.:o
DCH, how do you know all of this? It seems like you work for the team are something because you know a lot more than everyone else here on all the free agent stuff.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
DCH, how do you know all of this? It seems like you work for the team are something because you know a lot more than everyone else here on all the free agent stuff.

.....except that, Fletcher Smith, is Carters' new agent.....not Mitch Frankel.....

Last pragraph, last sentence.
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