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Dolphins looking foward to draft WR


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Oct 15, 2001
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The Dolphins worked out West Virginia receiver Shawn Terry, who is from South Dade High and is eligible for the April draft.

.............Hmmm that tells you they will probably draft a reciever in the late rounds....Anyone heard of this guy?
The phins recieving core is fine, the problem being... they dont have the kind of veteren leadership they need without O.J. Dan Marino's integrety abd command of the field most likey rubbed off on O.J., so when he gets back, you can expect a whole different Dolphins team(also when the rest of the players are fully healthy)
I have no idea who this guy is, he better be a late rounder, as we don't need a WR, we have 4 good ones already.
yes we do got some good one right now i think we need to be looking at other areas right now to improve
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