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Dolphins' McMichael voted Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week

Showtime has just entered the building. Let's make a bet Superman wins Offensive Player Next Week.
I am having Chris Chambers 2001 flashbacks w/McMichael. What a steal :up:
well deserved!!!

he will eb the greatest te in the history of the miami dolphins. you heard it here first folks!!

somehow, i see a dejected mike lupika running around and yelling this an outrage, jeremy [bavaro] shocky has been facing quadrupel teams and is constantly interfeared with. those were not drops in the opening game, just crappy qb who is against him from the onset. jeremy shockey is a hall of fameeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!


:monkey: on jeremy shockey!!
I thought from the getgo he would be a bust.....Im glad I got slapped in the face!
Yeah I didn't think he had a chance when we drafted him. I am so glad I have been proven wrong so far!!! :monkey: me
Well, he took a drastic change from mini-camp to training camp. But it's just something about them boys from Georgia. They seem to always have their mind right. Just look around the league. G. Hearst, K. Bell, T. Holt, R. Edwards, J. Seymour. Etc. I wish I could name some more. Them georgia boys got mouths to feed.
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