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Dolphins screwed, only awarded a 5th rounder

Spriggs went down in the second half of the Titans game (first game)
buffalo gets a 7th for spriggs ...but we get nothing for armstrong ? what the hell! armstrong played 2 games for the raiders and is much more of a lose than spriggs was for the bills this formula has to be looked at again ! Itsa just too frigged up .!!! By the way to the barfolo fan ...did you realize that one of your 7th round picks was given to your team because they were one of the 3 WORST TEAMS in the league ? And trust me those 7th rounders are not gonna help your sorry ass jills!lol!
Keep talking......If you look at the Off-season moves by the Bills you'd see.......Maybe we won't make the playoffs next season, but the year after that, we'll be near the top. This is not your father's NFL. With FA, teams can't hold on to all their players. A team can drop down for a few years, pick up some talent and make a run. Check out Stl, Bal, NE. I'll take the extra 7th rounder. 11 top players, 4 in the top 3 rounds. Adding London Flecther (Cowart didn't play last year, so it's an upgrade), Price, Trey Teague. Now possibly Eddie Robinson and Drew Bledsoe. This team WILL be much better this season. We'll make the big run in 2003.

Also, we have Tom Donahue (Pitts) & Tom Modrak (Phi) Drafting for us. I'm not worried........Are bad season is over. Clear skies ahead.......

Don't bash me for talking smack, I'm just responding to the last post.
I'm sorry Flipper pissed in your Cheerios, but I'm not the ignorant one. I'm highly educated and the fact that you can only use words like SUCK and BLOW proves how truly ignorant you are.

My information had Armstrong injured in pre-season, however his half a sack must qualify for a 1st rd pick in some of your uneducated minds.

I predicted you would qualify for a 5th rd pick and I was right.

Why do I post here? Well, it's because the Fins are in the same division and I like to be as informed as possible because it makes me more credible. I write/moderate a Bills site and we have a number of Fins fans (FinHeavenAJ, iceblizzard69) who post and are not attacked in such a childish and uneducated manner.

Now, I never expected the Bills to get anything for Spriggs. I was plumb snookered on dat un :)
Plum snookered and we get what we deserve ? You are an imbicile !!!This is why we are upset one knows how they decide this and that includes you ! You get lucky and predict as many did that we get a 5th ...this makes you informed ? I dont think so ...Explain how this system works ...which you cannot do or shut the h*ll up ...bye the way i will bet you any money that the bills are the doormat of the afc east for the next 3 to 4 years ..bledsoe wont help we have his number too ...with the exception of london fletcher ...who is not any better than cowart ... i dont see why all the optimism have more holes than a window full of dunkin donuts ...actually i heard that thats the staple food of the bills or was that proplayer turf ?
The whole system should just be tossed away. Half those picks are 7th rounders which means your just being forced to take undrafted FA's anyways.

clumpedplatelet go take your lucky guess elsewhere. Stop calling people ignorant when beyond a lucky guess you still can't get your facts straight and have to use bad resources to get your information. If you weren't ignorant then you would have known he went down in week 2 just by following the freaking halftime show or checking a website to see how other games went besides the bills losing that day.

I don't go to your site spouting off crap so please...don't come here if all your going to do is spout off.
I think Clumped...

is missing the point...
it really doesn't matter whether or not he projected our compensation pick right...its that the compensation system is a John Clayton's column...or what the heck mine in this website...the system needs to be changed...

There are teams that got screwed far worse than us.

Oh and essentially the Bills got a third round pick for Wiley...thats
what it breaks down to...the three sevens are literally no different than undrafted free-agents...
In fact, the number of undrafted free-agents who make rosters is probably similar to the number of late seventh round picks that make rosters.
It's not a lucky guess.........Bills have received the second most comp picks since 1993. I've seen how they are awarded. I projected a month ago that the Fins would get a 5th essentially for Webb, when many Fins fans on this site as well as another were adamant that ya deserved a 3rd for Armstrong and a 4th for Webb. I explained the thing many forget is that UFAs signed offset losses and I was able to show how the offset basically cancelled everything out!
BTW: from a late Jan 2002 thread

"2002 Draft: Any Ideal What Sort Of Compensation Picks We'll Receive?"

MY POST(1/25/02)

Compensation picks are only awarded if UFAs lost > UFAs signed. Also, the player performance on the new team is part of the formula. Thus, Fins will NOT get a 3rd for Armstrong because he was injured MOST of the year and may not get a pick at all. Webb, at best, is worthy of a 5th or 6th. Also, players released and then signed by another team DO NOT count. They were not UFA until released....comp picks only are awarded for players who's contracts have been completed. NFL only awards compensation picks equal to the number of teams in the league...thus the total number of comp picks leaguewide will be 32. Not all teams will qualify for comp. picks

Bills will most likely receive a 3rd for the loss of DE Wiley....why? Because his contract was huge, he made the Pro Bowl, and Bills lost more UFAs than signed(actually signed ZERO). Spriggs signed with Fins, but his deal wasn't that large and he missed all the season...thus Bills will NOT receive a comp pick. Bills signed FB Centers AFTER his release by Wash thus he doesn't count in the compensation formula

so badfoot......can you counter that with something resembling an intelligent post? I thought not!!
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