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Dolphins Sign DT Rhodes

Worth a shot, I guess. Maybe we can find a diamond in the rough...or at least a cubic zirconium. :)
Can we tell this guy or any of our DT to eat and gain like 20 - 25 pounds to be a NT for us?!?!?!
Hmmm, he didn't even start for his NFLE team

Position First Team Second Team
LE 91 Greg Taplin 97 Daniel Watts
LT 98 Darrell Lee 90 DeAngelo Lloyd 99 Lorn Mayers
RT 94 Charles Hill 96 Reggie Rhodes 95 Ryan Atoe
RE 92 Christian Mohr 93 Isaac Hilton
OLB 55 Jamal Brooks 53 Andre' Sommersell
MLB 57 Rich Scanlon 54 Winston Taylor
OLB 30 Michael Brown 52 Nick Prevost
LCB 21 Jermaine Mays 36 Michael Harden
S 43 Jack Hunt 26 James Thornton 38 Sergey Ivanov
S 20 Adrian Mayes 29 Oliver Flemming
RCB 22 Willie Ford 21 Jermaine
Is this guy related to Ray Rhodes?:confused:
He won't make it through training camp
maybe he's part of the new program where each NFL team must invite atleast 1 player from NFLE to camp, and put them on the PS?
Of course we need the depth at DT, I think it's Saban just letting the rest of the NFL know that we won't be desperate for Manuel Wright - USC, in the supplemental. The possibility of landing Wright for a 3rd in 2006 is interesting.
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