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Dolphins Value Board and Mock

Great website. It looks like you put a ton of time into it. I like your top 20 list of who the Dolphins could get, even though I think we should get McKinney more than that QB I have never heard of.
Nice Post...

I only took a quick look...but I like a lot of your projections, Mckinney is a nice project, but Quasim Mitchell seem like the right fit.

Don't like Fasani or Branch, I have seen Branch play for way too long and even as a kick returner he is Ben Kelly revisited.

Rocky Boiman is from what I hear the equivalent of Rick Crowell from last year, a hustler who can't play in the NFL.

I don't know if Rohan Davey is gone by our pick, but I like him a ton better than McCown...quarterbacks that come from nowhere to star in an all-star game, usually (not always) return to nowhere.
More in-depth look

Just a few random thoughts after looking over your list a little more.
I wouldn't be sure that Ron Johnson, Patrick Ramsey, Andre Davis, Tim Carter, Saleem Rasheed, Rocky Clamus, Lamont Thompson or John McGraw is gone.

What about Joaquin Gonzalez?
Antwaan Randel El?
Pig Prather?

Love Bibla, James Alllen, Raonall Smith, and Fred Weary Picks. also would like to take a shot at a Chris Baker, or Robert Royal at tight end...Ben Leber at tight end...Herb Haygood as a kick returner late.

Just keeping up a dialogue.
all right, some recognition of Carlos Hall that did not come from me!!!:D :D :D :D :D
>I wouldn't be sure that Ron Johnson, Patrick Ramsey, Andre Davis, Tim Carter, Saleem Rasheed, Rocky Clamus, Lamont Thompson or John McGraw is gone.<

All but maybe Tim Carter. Lamont Thompson is hot property & is flying up the draftboard.

The dish on Rocky Boiman from many scouts is that they feel he cant grow anymore as an athlete. He's a bit undersized, & not fast enough. Possible 6th rounder.

By pick 90 Fred Weary should be gone too.

You can throw in WR Javon Walker, DE Dwight Freeney, & TE Jarramy Stevens in your list of players that will be gone by pick 90.

I agree with everything you said about Overstreet. The guy never stops. He would be great, if available. I'm not too sure about that QB. We need to stay away from that since all three of our current QBs are under contract until the end of 2003, & Jay & Cade till 2005.
I think we should draft Randle-El in the fourth round. He is probably one of the most talented football players I have ever seen. If he played on a decent team in college, he would of easily won the Heisman over the un-talented Crouch.
Why would we pick McCown? He would barely make the top 10 list of QBs in this draft and this is a weak year for QBs. Next year is the year to take a QB for the future.
- I agree with you on Branch... however, if we get into the 7th round and see a player that has big game experience as a CB and KR, he would make a good pick.
- I am not much of a Rohan Davey fan. He's lazy, and despite what many think, he is strictly a pocket passer. I like mobility at the QB position, which Fasani and McCown have.
- I agree that some of the players I listed COULD slip... obviousely, they would present great value at the #90 pick. But I'm looking more along realistic lines here...
- Joaquin Gonzalez would be a wasted pick in the 3rd round, IMO. If we are going to draft a LT, lets get one with talent that could be an upgrade over Smith/Spriggs in two years. Gonzalez has very limited physical ability.
- I don't see the point in drafting Antwan Randle-El... he's 5-9, 191. He doesn't have the bulk to attack the peremiter, and is merely a slot wideout. To me, he's another Dedric Ward.
- Pig Prather is a player that I'll put on my list next time. However, he has injury questions... then again, so did Arturo Freeman and he's looking like a 5th round steal.

- I'm starting to agree with you on Boiman... he may be another Rick Crowell. He has good measurables and work ethic, but he does play a bit stiff. 3rd round may be too high for him.
- I accidently forgot to include Freeney and Walker. They'll be long gone. Jeremy Stevens? He's the Cecil Collins of this draft... could go in RD2 or could slide into the later rounds... you just never know.
- Yes, Overstreet and Rocky Calmus are two players that would be steals for us. Simply put, you win with players like Overstreet and Calmus. However, I can't see either one falling into the late 3rd. Especially Calmus, who ran a 4.59/40 at 6-3, 243 pounds.

- You say "Lets get Leftwich in 2003"... unless we go 3-13, there's no chance of that happening. What if Ricky Williams rushes for 1500 yards and we have to give up a 1st rounder? We're basically in the same situation as we are this year... looking for a gem in the 2nd or 3rd round. Keep in mind that McCown is MY personal preference... he's my favorite player in the draft.

Thanks for the comments!
Can't a guy hope? Maybe he'll have a bad year, get suspended, or something. Wasn't Marino suppose to be the 2nd QB taken? But he slipped down to #26.

McCown is a Rob Johnson clone, I'd more rather have us draft a QB early next year. I just happen to like Leftwich, so thats why I hope we some how draft him even though it is unlikely.
I like Leftwich, he is a lot like Culpepper. He can run and he is strong and hard to take done, and is a very good thrower. I would be surprised if he fell to us.
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