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Dolphins Worse With Ricky?


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In a Sporting News Article NBC's Mike Celizic basically says that Ricky was a waste of draft picks and money and that even if Ricky is good Fiedler will be the weak link. He even says that he thinks that the Dolphins might even be worse next year.

This is the heart of the argument:

"Great running backs don't win championships unless the guy handing them the football is a great quarterback who also has great receivers to throw to."

Yeah, how about that New England offense? I don't buy it. Especially after the Patriots last year.

Sporting News Article
I saw this article before and its complete garbage.

:monkey:Mike Celizic
The bottom line is that most of these guys know less about football than my ex-girlfriend.....

Don't listen to this garbage. We {the fans} know what we can do more than any of the so-called experts....


Blitz hit the nail on the head! None of these guys have actually strapped it up and played this awesome game then they actually act they know what they are talking about!! MIKE LUPICA for example, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT PENCIL NECK NERD has ever stepped near a football field except when he played in the high school band halftime show!! I guarantee this nerd has no clue!! F%ck the WRITERS!!!

I guess this guy didn't see Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien or Tom Brady win Super Bowls.
The Sporting News is the XFL of sporting publications.
The funny thing is that Sporting News predicted the Dolphins and the Rams in the Super Bowl.
This article was on another thread, and I have the same opinion then as I do now: the author of this thing is an uninformed moron who has the journalistic skill of a humming-bird on crack! :angry:
Let's see, on one hand you have Lamar Smith, you replace him with a guy that was top 5 in the League in total yardage on a 7-9 football team. Hmmmmm ... no, I don't see an improvement. Dumba$$.
I read this article the other day and it's obvious that he really isn't paying attention. I thought there was many inconsistancies and flaws with his article.
People just write stuff like that so they can say I told you so at the end of the year, if for some odd reason it were really to happen, like the Rams in 1999, the Ravens in 2000, the Patriots in 2001. It's just talk, not true opinions. Hell I go out and say the Cardinals will be in the Super Bowl representing the NFC!! LOL!!
Has anybody ever heard of this guy before? I think some people just write crap to get attention.
Fiedler handing off to Ricky is much better than Huard handing off to Lamar Smith.

Miami is much better with Ricky.

Ricky needs to silence the critics by leading the league in rushing, he will certainly get the ball enough to do it.

Any Heisman winner looks good in Aqua and Orange.
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