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Don't drink and post, take it from me


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Sep 4, 2001
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Ok, ok, I had to take a few days off. I was really REALLY smashed when I left that dumb ass ****. What can I say? It was totally stupid, I was way out of line and I should have read the warning label on the bottle. To those that left concerned posts like Flyin 11, thanks man, I appreciated it, but I'm cool, just too much Captain Morgans' in too little time. Too those like Cali-13-Phin, no it's not a low self confidence problem, it's called to much to drink in too little time. No excuse, but that's what happened. I've been on this board a long time and just had to clear this up cause I don't want to leave because I was a dumbass one time. I hope it's not too out of context, but to Miadphan13, I TOTALLY publically apoligize for all the assinine statements I made. That was really stupid and she is way too cool for that stuff. Trust me, I've met her.:cool: Anyway, I was WAY out of line and my New Years resolution is to not be an a-hole this year, and I hope you will all understand I will try my best.:cool: I've met a bunch of cool people on here, and you know who you are, I've told you so many, many times. Please don't charge a self appointed dumbass with being guilty, and not realizing it and bettering himself. Whatever you think of what I was saying, I still think you guys are a total trip and hope you have/had a safe New Year and good fortune in the coming Year of 2002. Somebody smoke a bowl for me, I'm feeling sentimental.:cool: Here's to ALL you Fins fans, you all are great......:D
Welcome back Jay! :) I appreciate your apology and yes.......NO MORE drinking and posting! :D
Welcome back Carter...I mean Jaydog ;) :D Nice to hear from ya again and Happy New Year :cool:

i was gone for 5 days and heard you quit posting, glad it ain't so. some of your posts are too funny. happy new year dude!
as the haze lifts

Hey man, it's cool. We all have those bouts, some express it different ways I guess. But, it's good to see you're back on the playing field here. I myself have been absent from the boards as of late, and for that I suck. I am trying to get back, really I am. Dialup is a pain, I need my dedicated connection again. Then, the fun shall begin again!!!

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