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DONT forget about DESMOND CLARK!!!!


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Aug 16, 2002
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hey guys, just think of what we are gonna do when D Clark is on the field two top caliber TE's receiving. What the hell are D's gonna do in two TE set with a play action to Ricky and then two options and TE, oh my goodness this is gona be fun, especially in redzone. The LB's will have to freeze for a sec on play action and guess what when TE slips off its over baby. Lets get it going NORV, this reminds me of the early to mid 80's when Dan was lighting up the scoreboards, except now we have an above average D. Exceptions on D are GREENWOOD and NIckel CB. Also not sold on pass rush yet, but better showing today, Bates need to keep those new schemes going in to week 4
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