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Dont Go Crazy.. Just Something To Think About


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Aug 14, 2004
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3's Len Pasquarelli believes Shaun Alexander is a ''good bet'' to get traded this weekend.
Maybe he knows something everyone else doesn't. Not many teams would have cap room to take Alexander unless a contract extension was worked out ahead of time. Apr. 22 - 7:09 pm et

Courtesy of rotoworld.

2nd rounder for Alexander?

Trade down with the Vikes to 7 and 18, draft Mike Williams (if there) or Antrel Rolle if he is not, and then either trade down for picks in the 2nd and 3rd, or take Thomas Davis or Mark Clayton (depending on who we took with number 7)

Just throwing it out there.
I like everything you said but it doesn't seem possible considering no one else has heard of these ideas or anything but you never know
Most trades are the shockers that nobody has heard of... Plus, this could have been a late development today with our acquisition of the 2nd rounder.

Who knows.
Well, not to fan the flames but Matt Hassleback was on NFL All Access and when asked about Alexander, he seemed to avoid the question and talked about him a lot in passed tenses...perhaps he knows something more than he is saying?
ercin13 said:
not to miami. too much $$$ against our cap.

Well after getting rid of Surtain it is POSSIBLE, even after signing the draft picks, as long as his salary isn't ridiculous. But I don't see it happening...
You know, it's almost sad that this speculation has to end tomorrow. It's been such a fun week with all theres theories being thrown around. If this trade actually went down tomorrow, Saban would be considered a genius before even coaching his first game.
I mean just think for a second...

In the first couple hours of tomorrow, we can add to our team...

1) Sean Alexander

2) Mike Williams

3) Thomas Davis

Alexander is far too expensive!!! Couple that with the fact that we would have to pay the #7 salary and it seems VERY UNLIKELY!
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