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Dec 12, 2001
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The Fins had their guys ear marked and did what ever they could to land Chestrer, Williams, and Kreutz. When Kreutz decided to stay in Chigago the attention turned to Marrion and Searcy. I have a feeling beside no names like that WR we picked up the other day things will cool off for awhile. This is usually the time of free agency where the teams have already got the main guys they wanted and now will wait to see what postions can be addressed in the draft. After April 21st you might see some players who found FA to be to frugel end up in their best case scenairo as far as locations go or winning chances seem to be favorable. These players will most likely sign cheap contracts. The exception to this rule might be CC, i don't think he will wait it out. I bet his ego gets damaged a little more every day he is homeless, hopefully he gets desperate enough to play for the league minimum.
and there will be another round of cuts after June 1st as well.
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