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Draft Day @ the Stadium?


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Mar 6, 2004
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Not this year? I know it happened last yr, but I think the Marlins have a game at the same time as the draft?
Well yeah, that's Finheaven's and 790 . . but Dolphin Stadium had a draft day party last year. You could sit in the seats and watch it on the big board (although it seems a Marlins gm will be happening)
This is the official Miami Dolphins Draft Day party. Since like you said the Marlins game is happening it will be at Shula's Steakhouse. Im looking forward to maybe meeting a few of the members and definitely would like to meet AJ and shake his hand for making a site like this. :D
You guys sux! I wish I could go to any of the Dolphin draft parties! I'm jealous! Not only will I miss the Dolphin draft day party because where I reside but I will miss the draft because I work that day! My life sux right now!
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