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Feb 29, 2004
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For those of you who don't live near Miami or just couldn't make it to the Draft Day Party, I thought I'd clue you with as many details as I can remember.

I must say it was absolutely paradise for about 5 hours. There were about 4000 people, almost all Dolfans, at Don Shula's Steak House in Miami Lakes. It was about 85 degrees and an absolutely beautiful day. This was in a really nice part of Miami and located in a corporate developed community with stores, restaurants, bars, condos, movie theaters, etc all blended together. It was a stunning place. There were many activities outside in the very large courtyard area. Dolfans everywhere, the absolutely gorgeous Dolphin Cheerleaders were everywhere just walking around in mini, I mean very miniskirts (it was hard to concentrate on football). Many activities for the young kids and booths everywhere.

Andy Cohen from Dolphin Digest was there and for $1 you could buy the Digest and other Dolphin material (great bargains)! I met AJ, Infinsible, NaboCane, Outawhack, and a few other FinHeaveners at Shulas also. They had a lot of draft contests and everywhere you went you could hear the draft coverage and 790AM, the new Dolphins radio station.

Inside Shula's, I stood next to Jimmy Cefalo, who was broadcasting the draft live immediately to my right. He was totally thrilled with the Ronnie Brown pick and all the fans there, including me, were also ecstatic when Ronnie Brown's name was mentioned.

To my left was Yeremiah Bell, Donnie Spragan, Randy McMichael, Marty Booker, David Bowens, Matt Turk, and Stockar McDougle. Yeremiah Bell looks absolutely cut...Marty Booker looks almost freakish with huge hands and long arms. I was really surprised at Stockar McDougle. He is big of course, but he looked in great shape, definetly not the fat slob we keep hearing about. Makes me a little more optimistic about the line this year. McMichael also looked to be in great shape (last year at this time he was reportedly out of shape).

My son (motioncityhifi) and I walked away with free FinHeaven bumper stickers and AJ brought 70 FinHeaven T-shirts to give away.....we missed out on those, but it was a big day in general for FinHeaven. ESPN 790 played many 30 second FinHeaven commercials that could be heard all over South Florida. Not bad!

In summary, a great day to be a Dolfan. The Draft Party was a huge success and we all felt the Draft this year was the best in recent memory. Wish you all could be there, but since you couldn't...hopefully this report will help you feel like you were there.
Dolfan1000 - I spoke with Stockar McDougle and asked him about Hudson Houck. He said he's like Harry Potter...the man can work magic. I really believe McDougle wanted to come here because of Houck. He knows this is his best chance to be an All-Pro and maybe finish his career with a playoff team. I was really impressed with him
Thats good to hear- Stockar is a key factor for us this season. If he can play up to his potential, the right side of the OL may be solidified with Hadnot at RG. Im glad that he seems so positive.

I would also be curious to know the reactions to all the picks.
FinsRule84 - I think everyone loved the Ronnie Brown and Matt Roth picks. Very mixed reaction about Channing Crowder. Most people I spoke with didn't like it, including me, but we are willing to be open-minded. After looking in to Crowder a bit more, I must say I'm not quite as worried. A great MD gave his knees total clearance and I was also surprised to find out he was a great student (3.5 GPA). I also didn't know his dad was an NFL player and he coached with Joe Paterno at Penn State (which is where he was born by the way).

Like many great linebackers though he is a loose canon and will need major supervision and support from the coaching staff and veteran players. If he stays healthy and under control though, he could be a stud linebacker in the NFL.
New York was a blast too. Cold..rainy...pure beauty. Glad you had fun FinFan57
Dolfan 1000 - No problem. From the closest player to the most distant - Matt Turk, Marty Booker, Yeremiah Bell, Quentin Williams (safety), Donnie Spragan, and Stockar McDougle. I was right there - great experience. Just to the right, by the way, was a guy giving away cigars. I smoked mine right after the Ronnie Brown pick!!!
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