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Feb 2, 2005
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All of this is all speculation, so what is the important thing to consider? First, we don't have control over a trade - as coach Saban has pointed out, someone has to want to trade with us, or there's nothing to talk about. So, you have to approach all the draft speculation assuming there will be no trade. Having said that, we have the #2 overall. Based on BPA, it's either a QB, a WR or a RB. Coach Saban has said that he's interested in taking the player with the most long-term value to the team. Still, we need to win soon. So, does the question not become not who we pick at #2 overall, but what will be available to us at our next pick in the 3rd? Truth be told, and in keeping with coach Saban's 'value for draft choice' philosophy, this year's draft won't be judged on who we picked at #2, it will be what we ended up with at the end of the day. When you consider ALL the options at each position (consider say the top 5 choices at each position), at which position does the drop off become more dramatic? There is better depth at the later rounds (ie where we know we have our next pick) at RB and QB; the drop off is much faster at WR, OL and DL. IF WE CAN'T TRADE DOWN, based on 'value for draft choice', Edwards is a very good choice. Also, Alex Barron is a very good, if not popular, choice because the drop off in OL talent is considerable. Just my opinion, but Edwards is a good choice at #2 (again, if we can't trade down). And by the way, I've had a serious h**d-on for a drafting a RB up until now. And also, this is dramatically affected if KC sends us a 2nd round for Surtain.
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