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draftee comparisons


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Jul 30, 2008
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Was looking up info on our draftee's and found some nice comparisons:-

Jarid Odrick - Aaron Smith - under appreciated and underrated as he is not exceptional at rushing the passer or stopping the run but does both very well.

Koa Misi - Aaron Shcobel - not considered an elite passrusher but hussles on every play with maximum effort. Another underrated guy much like Odrick who does everything very well but nothing that woul dbe classed 'highlight reel'.

John Jerry - Leornard Davis - Both massive and very strong at point of attack but struggle in space. Davis was considered a but before Sparano got hold of him and turned him all pro, if he can do something similar with Jerry, it created one nasty looking O'Line, with Long, Grove, Incognito and Carey.

AJ Edds - Ben Leber - Recurring theme here. Again another guy underrated as he does nothing exceptionally well, but everything well. Even heard comparisons to Zach Thomas.....but Zach should be Hall of Fame so I will not go there as there is only one ZT.

My eyes are burning so will stop now, but there is a recurring theme of drafting, underrated, non-sexy, undervalued pick, who are not combine stars but are very productive where it matters.........on the field!


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Jan 20, 2004
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I think Odrick is a better athlete than Smith, but if he can become half the player Smith is for the Steelers (IMO the 2nd best 3-4 DE this decade behind only Richard Seymour) then we've got a really good player. Let's put it this way, Aaron Smith has been placed on IR twice, both seasons the Steelers run D struggled without him. He also made SI's all-decade team, so my opinion is kind of justified there lol.

As for Misi/Schobel, again, if Misi is half the player Schobel was in his prime we got a good one. Schobel is a guy with 4 10+ sack seasons with his lowest sack total being 6.5 not counting 08 when he went on IR after 5 games and only had 1 sack.

Same thing with Jerry and Davis. Davis was an awful OT, but a damn good OG.

I think Edds could end up being better than Leber, but still a good player.
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