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Duckett to Atlanta


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Sep 29, 2001
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Duckett is definetly a very good player who will be able to get 1200 yards a season in a few years, but Atlanta was dumb to select him. They already have two 1,000 yard RBs in Dunn and Anderson, and this makes no sense. What makes this even worse for Atlanta is that they are weak at WR and could of picked Lelie, and now Lelie will be a wasted talent for a few years in Denver unless McCaffery retires or someone gets injured. It was a smart selection for Denver, but Lelie is better than a 3rd wideout.
I was telling you for weeks now, regardless of need, Duckett and Green were to good to slip to the 2nd Anderson is done in Atlanta, no way he makes it to June 2nd as a Falcon. Good pick, Duckett will start eventually and is better than Dunn. Plus, Dan Reeves doesn't pick WRs in the first round, that is why I always thought ATL would go in another direction.

Lelie is a project and wont be ready for a few years anyway!! McAffery is coming off a horendous injury and there is no way he comes back the same payer he was....that was a solid pick. Lelie wont waste away, he will learn, and contribute as a number 3 WR. Did Chris Chambers waste away as our #3 WR?
He didn't, but we didn't have a great 1 or 2 like Denver does. I think Lelie will get 600 this season and 800 next.
The Falcons are IDIOTS. First they go out and PROMISE Warrick Dunn a bunch of playing time. Then they severely overpay him to the tune of $28 million.

Now they draft Duckett. Dan Reeves loves guys like Duckett. So he'll see lots of time.

But what gets me is the Dunn thing. When he was in Tampa, he shared the ball with Alstott. But at least he was on the field every down, lining up behind Alstott.

In Atlanta, when Duckett is in, Dunn is out. So Warrick Dunn just got screwed. Not only is he getting his playing time cut yet AGAIN (and was lied to by the Falcons), but now he's going to be a target of Atlanta area criticism.

He's going to be scrutinized and criticized for not contributing enough and not earning his contract. It's unfortunate that a nice guy like Dunn, who came to Atlanta because he wanted to be "The Man" and was told he was getting the opportunity, is having this done to him.
I like Dunn a lot and I think he is really good, but he will now only carry it around 10-15 times a game and I think Duckett will get more carries in his second season.
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