Dump Flores and QB Fitz now and focus solely on offensive line.


Sep 15, 2019
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Any coach who doesn't understand that by far the 10 most important players on a football team are the 5 O-line starters and the 5 O-line backups isn't fit to coach. Flores isn't fit to coach and should be escorted out of the building tomorrow morning.

If you protect your QB, receivers get open.

If your O-line controls the line of scrimmage, average running backs have wholes and make yardage, the offense stays on the field, and your defense gets the rest it needs to be effective when on the field.

At the pro level, it's all about the O-line, period.

And, the fact that after all these years of mediocrity, the team owner still doesn't understand this, is absurd and proves we also need a new owner. The current owner might be a smart real estate developer, but he has proven to be a football imbecile.

Wall Street should create a public offering so the fans can buy the team like in Green Bay. The idea that one imbecile should have the power to torture a team's entire fan base of millions of people year after year after year after year ... is wrong.
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