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Easy Does It People

mercury 40

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Dec 12, 2004
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Look We All Want To Have A Good Draft , Yet We May Be Expecting Too Much This Season So The Best Thing To Do Is Relax Fellas , Just Because We Dont Get The Plaers That We Want Doesn't Mean We Will Sux Next Season . Lets Give Nick A Chance He Is A Rookie Nfl Coach So Lets Give Him A Yr To Get It Together, Who Knows We May Kick Butt This Year. Just Rmember We Didn't Get Bad Overnight And We Wont Rise To The Top Overnight. Look At At It This Way At Least We Didnt Trade Our 1st Rd Pick For A 3rd Team Kicker Or A 6th Rd Pick .

Good News Ya I Havent Hot Wired Any Cars This Evning And I Just Saved A Wad Of Cash On Car Insurance , The Bad News Is I Drove My Car Into The Lake And It Was Totaled.
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