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Edgerrin James or Ricky Williams to Dolphins?


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Sep 4, 2001
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I dont know if this topic has been discussed yet, but I read an article a week or so ago about how Edgerrin James and Ricky Williams have both expressed their interest in playing for the Dolphins.. Heres the article, that was on ESPN.com last week.

Wednesday, January 2

Williams, James reportedly want to play for Dolphins

ESPN.com news services

MIAMI -- Ricky Williams and Edgerrin James in Miami Dolphin uniforms next season?

It's unlikely, but both players have told friends and associates they wouldn't mind being traded to the Dolphins, according to a report in Wednesday's Miami Herald.

In addition, a radio station in Austin, Texas, reported Tuesday that Williams will push for a trade to Miami.

Both players remain under contract -- Williams to New Orleans and James to Indianapolis -- making any deals subject to the NFL's salary cap. James played at the University of Miami and has remained close to the area. Williams played at Texas.

The Herald reported that Williams wanted to be dealt to Miami following last season's NFL draft, where the Saints picked running back Deuce McAllister in the first round. The Dolphins reportedly looked into the deal but were turned down.

James has been rehabilitating his knee in South Florida, according to the Herald, despite objections from the Colts. He has reportedly also told associates he doesn't like living in Indianapolis.


I don't know if a deal for either will ever take place, as in the article it said it's not likely, but either way its a testiment to the Dolphins as an organization that two top notch RBs have stated their desire to play for the Dolphins... Just wanted to get your opinions on this.. If you were the GM for the Dolphins, would you try to get one of these two stellar RBs and if you had a choice of one or the other which would you get?
We have talked about this many times, but I am fine with talking about great RBs coming to Miami. James has been in South Florida reabilitating, and he hates it in Indianapolis, and would like to return home. Ricky Williams expressed interest in a trade to the Dolphins last year after the Saints drafted McAlister. We have a better chance getting Williams because of the cap hit the trades would give to both Indy and New Orleans. The Dolphins and Saints supposedly will talk during the offseason.
Unfortunaltely my man Edgerrin is stuck in a contract, I'd love for him to play down here, he's an ex-Hurricane:cool: . If one of them was going to make the trip, I think it would be Rickory Dickory Dock-Williams.:cool:
I know Williams is a great back, but I have a problem with making that trade.

With the exception of Marshall Faulk who was given away...most high price free agent, or expensive trades don't work out.

Take a look at the Bucs this year, they went out and spent some money on both Keyshawn and Brad Johnson. They are losing right now to the Eagles, and they were the number 6 seed in the NFC.

The Washington Redskins spent a CRAP load of money on all kinds of FA help in 99 and ummm...they sucked.

The Dolphins did the same thing in 1995, and went 9-6 and got their butts kicked by Buffalo in the first round.

Build from the draft. Look what we got in the second and third rounds last year. HUGE playmakers.

In fact, name me one single high priced FA that has really turned a team around. Faulk was a gift from the Colts, other then that, I can't think of one.

Emmitt Smith and Aikman were both drafted. Super Bowl.

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice drafted. Super Bowl.

Jamal Lewis, and a low buck QB in Trent Dilfer. Super Bowl.

get my point?
agreed '87

If the Saints want to dump Williams ala the idiot Colts and Faulk, we can give 'em a #1 pick for him, but anything more than that the team will suck so it is not worth it. And since NO will want more, it is not going to happen. :sleep:
Re: agreed '87

Originally posted by dolphan39
If the Saints want to dump Williams ala the idiot Colts and Faulk, we can give 'em a #1 pick for him, but anything more than that the team will suck so it is not worth it. And since NO will want more, it is not going to happen. :sleep:

The Faulk to Rams deal had to be one of the worst trades of modern time, second only to the idiotic Viking-Cowboy trade of 89 that involved Herschel Walker and half of the city of Minneapolis. If Im not mistaken the Colts only managed a 3 and a 5 of the Rams for one of the top backs in the game now. I don't really know if NO will want more than a 1 and a 3 for Ricky. They would really be killing two birds with one stone. They can rid themselves of Ricky's contract and turn the ball over to Deuce McAllister to be their RB. I don't think they will give him away but I don't think their asking price should be too steep.

Remember a few years back when Ricky lit in to New Orleans as a city and Saints Management in an interview for Sports Illustrated? If so do you think that might play a factor in the Saints looking to deal him off?
If we traded for James, I would give a first rounder this year, a third next year, and a first in 2004. He is the second best RB in the league.
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