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Edwards makes the final cut!!!

Also says that we reached an injury settlement with Searcy and he was cut.
i nailed the SEARCY decision dead on although i feel bad for him . he is too injury prone and needs to retire..

wasnot sure about grant he didn't look as good as last year.

ogden plays special teams and keeping 6 wide outs is no surprise.

lowe and green make it ........ i knew green would stick but he needs work and stay may not make it through next week and Taylor may be out if they find a run stuffer ......300 pounder to back up chester and bowens.
Taylor and Green may not make it through next week though...

moore was a long shot but i liked how he hit . he was my number 53 and i picked grant over taylor. and moore over ogden.........
I can't believe they didn't name the rest of the cuts..duh
they are all gone soon if we find better players........taylor ,green and ogden were the last 3 to squeeze by for the moment.

i knew german and andrews would make it cause german played ok at right tackle in a pinch and andrews is allright and we needed 9 for now to be safe.
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