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May 29, 2004
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What happened to this guy? The way some of you were talking about him, I'd figure he would have been drafted by Rd 2, but he's still on the board. Any of you see us picking him?

I'd also like to see Adrian McPherson with our 4th rounder, or an o-linemen, or shazor
Shazor will continue to drop i think we go o-line and hope we get lucky in the fifth
paskerbrandon said:
Elton Brown

yeah, i'd liek to see o-line be the pick as well, and i'd liek the last name to be brown as well,,,,,, but there are too browns, lets pick the one who isn't a quitter if all else is equal
I think we'll take a look at Shazor because despite his lack of speed, he is tenacious and a hybrid S-LB. Saban seems to like these hybrid type guys that can fill needs and S is a need.

I'm for either Shazor or Elton Brown as I feel drafting O. Line will allow Ronnie to fit easier into the system. And I don't see us drafting only one offensive player after 4 rounds.
remember....we had the youngest Offensive line in the league last year (we just gutted it the previous season remember).....if they DO actually have 'talent' and can do something productive as a unit then really we may not need to address the Oline now.....especially since after the first couple of Olinemen in this draft....there's a big dropoff. We already have the likes of yates and whitley....we don't need more of them to occupy the roster as backups and projects.
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