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ESPN Cerrati chat wrap: Norv to Miami?


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Jan 9, 2002
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Fish: will norv turner get the coaching job in san diego? If not what are the dolphins chances of getting him to be chan gailey's replacement?

Vinny Cerrato: (4:15 PM ET ) Schottenheimer is the leading candidate for the San Diego job. I would think Norv like to go with Dave Wannstedt to Miami.
Originally posted by MarinoFan4Life
Maybe I missed it on an earlier thread, but what does everyone think about Norv coming to Miami?
Since he and Wanne are buddies and he'll probably leave SD unless he is the head coach there - which seems less likely every day. :D
Originally posted by MarinoFan4Life
I meant opinions, what do we think, good or bad???
Oooh - he is the best candidate out there I can think of.

We cna bring in June Jones and go run and shoot :rolleyes:
Norv is a huge improvement over Chan Gailey. As for June Jones, if he came here from Hawaii (and why would you want to leave Hawaii) the Dolphins would score lots of points.:)
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