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ESPN "Experts" Picks in 2002


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
The following picked the Jets to win the AFC East :angry:
John Clayton
:hitself:Len Pasquarelli
:drinker:Suzie Kolber
Sal Paolantonio
:yell:Joe Theismann
Trey Wingo
:stupid:Russell Baxter

The following picked the Dolphins to win the AFC East :eat:
Mel Kiper Jr (and his hair)
Andrea Kremer
:patriot:Sean Salisbury
James Black

The following picked the Patriots to win the AFC East :rolleyes:
:toilet:Meril Hoge
Mark Malone
Peter Lawrence-Riddell

The following picked the Bills to win the AFC East

The following didn't even pick the Dolphins to make the PLAYOFFS...
Meril Hoge, Len Pasquarelli, Mark Malone, Suzie Kolber, Sal Paolantonio, Trey Wingo, and Russell Baxter

The people who didn't pick the Jets to go to the playoffs?
Andrea Kremer, Sean Salisbury, and Ed Werder.

Other notables:
Two picked Randy McMichael as offensive rookie of the year (James Black and Russell Baxter)

Two picked Herman Edwards as coach of the year (Suzy Kolber and Len Pasquarelli).

Two picked the Jets to win both the AFC Championship, AND the Super Bowl

None picked the Dolphins to even get to the Super Bowl

By the way the guys who picked the Jets to win the East, I remember from last year, are largely the same people who picked the Jets to win the East last year. The only notable departure is Joe Theismann...
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