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ESPN Insider's New Graphics


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
I think you should all check out ESPN insiders new graphic for their login page. It's a shot of Chris Chambers stretching out over a Bills defender (I can't remember who the defender was) to catch the game winning TD against them last season. It's nice to see Chambers so prominently displayed. :D

P.S. This isn't a plug for ESPN Insider, just a heads up I thought you would all enjoy.

Thats not a Bills defender. That would be Ty Law of the New England Patriots. The guy made the Probowl, and Chris Chambers is burning him. How sweet it is........
Is there any doubt that Chambers will be a SUPERSTAR??
Here's hoping that Chris Chambers has a super year and Dolphin career......2002 stats - 75 rec / 1350 yds / 10 TDs Super Bowl Champion and All-Pro selection
He had a great year last year. A real superstar will continue to have those. Lets hope he does!
This has nothing to do with anything, but my 6 year old son made a new friend and brought him over. He looks EXACTLY like Chris Chambers in a 6 year olds body. Me, him, and my son all played catch. He was not shabby at all.......

His last name was Wilkinson though....... :)
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