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ESPN on Houck


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Feb 8, 2005
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Bloomfield NJ
Hudson Houck, Miami

Offensive line coach

A year ago, Houck was in San Diego, coming off a horrible 2003 season with the Chargers and entering the last year of his contract as part of a lame-duck coaching staff. He then molded a ragtag unit with five new starters  none of them first-round picks  into a cohesive group. A year later, he is in Miami and is one of the highest-paid assistants in the NFL.

Houck is part of the new staff organized by Dolphins head coach Nick Saban, who hired him to turn one of the worst units in the NFL into an effective offensive line. Houck did it in San Diego, and he can do it in Miami.

First and foremost, Houck is a teacher. He has an extensive college coaching background, which is a big factor in his ability to mold young guys. He is a genuinely good guy with a nonconfrontational style and steady personality. His players trust him and believe in him.

He will have a lot of work to do in putting together the Dolphins' line, but the five guys he puts on the field won't look like the group from a year ago that gave up 52 sacks. Expect the improvement to be dramatic.

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Houck and Linehan are getting a lot of positive press, as is Saban. This is almost surreal considering how much negativity always seemed to surround Wanny and his gang of idiots.
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