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ESPN really does hate the fish


Apr 2, 2005
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we have to wait through a commercial to see our pick then wait through another to see footage..every pick same thing :evil:
I was thinking the exact same thing.
Effing BERMAN must be in charge! The Bills homer STILL hasn''t gotten over a decade of domination by the Fins.
I had to for the bottom scroll to see who we pick. F!@# ESPN
I Always Thought It Was My Imagination , Or Weird Coincedence!!!
But You Are Right. Anything To Do W/ The Fish On Espn Is Always Cast Aside For Some Odd Reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Bermann Screw Off
revised thoughts here, i think these know nothing buttclowns are jus t jealous of our great past and they are missing those great quotes from wanny " we are really close " or my favorite quote jay didnt underthrow the ball , "the receivers just ran too far down the feild." i do think that if espn cant be more professional than that then they should be yanked off the air . personaly i wish somedolphin fans would sue the hell out of espn just for the heck of it.
Its funny, It took them 30 minutes to comment on Roth but it only took them 30 seconds to comment on Nugent.

Then we dont even see the Crowder pick.

Berman constantly saying the Bills and Jets trying to catch up on the Pats. But then not once mentioning the Dolphins even playing in the AFC East.

Its pathetic. They still havent announced what the trade down with Tennessee was (or was there a trade down?)
There is no doubt that ESPN hates the 'phins. Berman is homer for any team in the northeast.

I remember late in the 03 season that Boomer started to jump on the Miami bandwagon and a quick letter (by me) to ESPN fixed that. I'd like to think it would. Personally, I would rather have the idiot brigade in Bristol, CT hatin' on the phins.

The network just got their noses out of joint when Saban told the press to essentially sod off and are trying payback. All that being said, let the other 31 teams in the favorable press and have Miami fly under the radar in 05.

Trey Wingo, Hoge, & the roundtable (Jansen, Vrabel, & Trent Green) are doing a decent job.

Mort is his usual fairweather self. Kiper & Berman are a$$clowns of the highest magnitude. Torry Holt is the best of the bunch. Given a little experience, he will be real good. So, next year Holt WILL surpass the others.
You all just don't grasp how much the Northeast hates the Dolphins. They want us to stay down forever. They are loving us being 4-12.

If we don't get David Greene in here we are gonna keep being that bad too. We are on course to lose every game next year 6-3.
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