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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
As a fun little game lets see who can come closest to predicting what the Dolphins do this weekend.

3rd round
Toss up between Rocky Calmus and Dennis Johnson
*Sleepers Ben Leber, Will Overstreet, Victor Rogers

4th round
Leaning towards Seth Mckinnie, but wouldn't be surprised if they choose the hometown guy Martin Bibla.
*Sleepers Overstreet, and Rogers again

5th round
Tough to say who will still be around, but untill Sat. night I will say Chester Pitts, but again could go for the hometown guy with Jaquin Gonzlez.
*Sleepers Tracy Wistrom, Tim Stratton
why not:

3rd round: OG Stanford’s Eric Heitman
4th round: TE Texas Christian’s Matt Schobel
5th round: MLB FSU Bradley Jennings
5th round: OT UM Jaquin Gonzlez
7th round: QB UNC Ronald Curry
3rd round; Kendall Simmons OL, Auburn
4th round;Terry Jones Jr. TE,Alabama
5th round; Trev Faulk LB,LSU
5th round; Justin Bannon DE,Colorado
7th round;Steve Edwards OL,Cent. FL.
3rd round: Doug Jolley TE BYU
4th round: Jarvis Green DE LSU
5th round: Martin Bibla OG Miami
5th round: Joaquin Gonzalez OT Miami :)
7th round: Major Applewhite QB Texas (I may be dreaming, but it is a possibility, although he is probably a 6th rounder)
3rd round Michael Josiah
4th Matt Schobel
5a Ramon Walker

3rd Round - G Victor Riley
4th Round - DE Dennis Johnson
5th Round - TE Randy McMichael
5th Round - LB Bradley Jennings
7th Round - WR Rodney Wright

Probably not...but it was fun.
Now I remember Jennings. He was going to work out for us but then he got shot. I hope we select him.
Heitmann now questionable...

from http://www.miami.com/mld/miami/sports/football/nfl/miami_dolphins/3102540.htm
Don't expect Miami to draft many players it has assigned ''alerts'' on its draft board.

Two are University of Washington tight end Jerramy Stevens, who has had at least two alcohol-related offenses in the past year, or University of Colorado safety Michael Lewis, diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Miami also might shy from Stanford guard Eric Heitmann, who is rumored to have a back problem. His agent, Ken Zuckerman, said trainers around the league have given him a passing grade. Heitmann is among a deep stable of talented offensive guards, several of whom should slip into the third round, so there will be other, perhaps safer, choices.
What the Heck???

3rd Round- Richard Williams OL GARDNER-WEBB
4th Round- Justin Peele TE OREGON
5th Round- Rocky Bernard DL TEXAS A&M
5th Round- Akin Ayodele OLB PURDUE
7th Round- Bryan Knight LB PITTSBURGH

Let's hope the PHINS can get some steals this weekend!!!!


:monkey: BILLS
90th selection

Since I am not a draftnik I will only make a prediction for Miami's 3rd round choice.

TE Chris Luzar UVA 6-7 270 pound Runs a 4.76 in the 40
He is the tallest and heaviest TE in the draft. Very intelligent, great hands, and can block.

OK, so I am no Mel Kiper. Thank God!;)
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Richard Williams quit football, so why would we pick him in the third round?
good question :confused: we do not need a new strength coach that bad :eek:
3rd: Doug Jolley - TE - BYU
4th: Ben Leber - OLB - Kansas State
5th: Travis Dorsch - K/P - Purdue
5th: Joaquin Gonzalez - OT - Miami
7th: Aaron Lockett - KR/WR - Kansas State
Originally posted by breckenridge55
5th: Travis Dorsch - K/P - Purdue
I thought Rick said they are not takinga P - though you know what pre-draft stuff really means :rolleyes:
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