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Experienced (to a point) Writer.


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May 17, 2004
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Why not, I figured I'd give it a shot and tell you all that I'd be more than willing to help work in any way possible on the website, whether it be writing or grunt work, anything to gain some credibility that could some day lead to moving up the chains.

I've been writing for about three years now in the field of journalism, and last year became the editor on my school newspaper. Youngest editor in the history of that paper, I'm also going to be the first two-time editor in chief this year.

I'm not bragging in any way, but I have won plenty of awards and have been featured in many newspapers in the New York area. ( For those in NY who know what the Daily Gazette. ) Awards feature writing contests, editorial cartoon contests, and a statewide journalism competition in which I have received a few honors.

I can make a resume, if needed :D I just wanted to pitch myself out and see if anything happens. No big deal if I'm not needed, because I'll still come here and be an active forum poster.

Figured it was worth a shot!
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