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Face It,Our teams sucked this year


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Sep 7, 2001
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Ft. Lauderdale,FL
This list includes:
Fins,Heat,Panthers,Marlins,Bucs,Jags,Magic...Florida will never have another great team.I'm consider moving...lol..

:monkey: curses:lol:

:fire: :mad: :o :confused:

What happened?!??!

The Bucs kicked A$$ today!! :eek: 48-21 :D So did the Jags 33-3 :eek:
They still have a shot..they are in the hunt..Didn't you listen to any NFL programs this morning? :rolleyes: They can still go somewhere...:p
I am NOT giving up! :mad: I NEVER give up! :yell:

I didn't leave the game when we thought the Raiders would win.
I didn't leave the game when the Jets shut us out.
I'm not giving up now! :mad:

The Ravens won the SuperBowl from a wild card spot!! :eek:
Do you think that they ever gave up? NO!! :mad:
If you go to the playoffs, than you are good. We might not be the best team in the NFL but we go to the playoffs year in and year out and the Dolphins are a very consistent team, you can count on them winning games every year. You can't say we suck, we are the winningist franchise in the NFL since 1970, and we are 9-5. We are going to the playoffs, which means we don't suck. Just because we lost a game doesn't mean we suck.
I'm just saying this...Remember now..Ravens were a wildcard last year and look what happened to them ;)
Alright.you made your point.But we are banged up,and our line doesnt block,our choaches are making sick calls,and the raven's D was very dominant..our's cant even stop Antwoin Smith!:mad:
Alright, so we aren't having a great season. Its easy too be a Dolfan when they are winning. Real fans don't expect too win the division every year. The main thing is we keep trying and fixing whats not working. Miami is never bad enough too get the big drafts. Injuries have been really bad this year but we need help on both offensive and defensive lines. I don't see why we can't win the last two games and then who knows, making the playoffs would be good too end this season. ;)
i know i read this right...........

if we are trying to fix things, how come the just offered chan a 3 year extension? seems like thats one part of the game thats broke!
Yeah sorry bout that, most of the other Phins fans are dead tired from laughing at your team play earlier. Can you blame em? That was damn funny wasn't it? Don't lose that "losing feelin" you'll need it in a couple weeks.:evil:

do you remember when the bills one that 4th afc champoinship? some fan held up a sign saying "we're back america, deal with it" what they were dealt, i wonder if they liked it!:lol:
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