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Falcons vs Cowboys saturday night


Sorry not today Brady!
Dec 13, 2006
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So the Cowboys are going to Atlanta on saturday this is a big NFC match-up for the wild card race. First off...saturday night football good idea? and who do you got winning? why?
I like the idea of Saturday night football but I don't like that it only on NFL network, most people don't have it and some areas don't even have the ability to get the station.

as for the game you have to go with the Cowboys, the Falcon secoundary sucks, Romo is on fire thats a recipe for diaster plus you never know which Michael Vick will show up
I don't think I'm going to like saturday night football especially when its a game I want to see cause it will conflict with plans I have have saturday night its not often I'm sitting at home on saturday, plus I find NFL networks broadcasting to be dull, I like watching games on Fox the best.

This game I do want to see and I"m rooting for the falcons I think they can run all over the Dallas defense and that will open up some chances for Vick to get the ball to Crumpler cause they'll likely double him as often as they can and the falcons have a nice D-line to put pressure on the young Romo. Pressure could be his achilles heel it seems to work well on Rex Grossman.
I think the cowboys will run away with this one, the secondary isn't playing that great and you got both Glenn and Owens in the game. What will hurt Atlanta most is that they've lost a number of starters on defense and aren't as strong as they were at the start of the season. If they get down fast you'll see Vick self destruct, but he will break 1000 yards rushing on he season.
Not sure about the idea of Saturday Night Football. As D-fins88 said, it's gonna suck when you have plans and want to watch the game.

As for this game, I think it could go either way but I'll be rooting for the Falcons..

And it's gonna be a record setting game, Vick should go over 1000 yards rushing and Morten Andersen needs just 2 points to become the leading scorer in NFL history..
They are even talking about stopping the game to honor him when (if) it happens..

I hate the Cowboys. I would love to see Atlanta win, but after the Mora fiasco who knows? Atlanta could come all out & whip the boys or they can break down.
I like the idea for Sat night football, because even though people often go out, there's still plenty of ways to watch the game. Whether it be at someone else house, bar etc.
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