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Favorite (or Least) Dolphin Asst Coach all-time


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Sep 4, 2001
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Favorite Dolphin Asst Coach all-time

gotta go w/Bill Asnsparger - the best DC ever :D
Mel Phillips- only holdover from the Shula days. He lives down the street from some of my relatives in Miami Lakes (my hometown). Super nice guy. Introduced me to Louis Oliver (Oliver was dating Coach's daughter)

Lets not forget he coaches one of the greatest CB duo's of all-time.
My least favorite of all time without hesitation, and everytime i hear his name it angers me is..........Tom Olividotti. God he was horrible!

Funny part is, many people in Minnesota wanted him to be promoted to DC there this offseason. Mike Tice already has done a fine job, by giving the DC position to another coach!
Olividati blew chunks


I couldn't agree more with Bodzilla. Olividati's schemes were so predictable it was maddening. I realize he didn't have the kind of personell we have now, but still I think he made an average unit a lousy one. I also firmly believe that if he wasn't a close friend of Don Shula's that he never would have held on to his job as long as he did.
It would have to be Tom Oliva otti. I ommited the D because there was no D when he was here.
Chuck Studley would have to be a close second.
Wasn`t it Olivadummy who had the D lineman line up about a yard and a half off the LOS? god, he was horrible.
Favorite-Arnsparger. God i hated to see him leave

Least Fave- Tom Idiotvotti. Who was he blowing to keep a job? I've seen better defenses by virgins on wedding nights
Olivadotti was obsessed with the Prevent Defense. God he loved it. And God did it prevent us from winning.
Olivanodee was a spin doctor. He always busted out these stats that said that the fins were so and so in some category, but the bottom line with the D when he was in charge: there was no D.
I'm shocked that no one has mentioned...........

Mike Westhoff. I believe he's one of the greatest special team coaches ever. He definitely was the best ST coach in 'phins history. He always had our special teams ranked in the top 10 statistically every year.;) I think Tom "I'm an idiot" Olivadotti tops the cake as the least fav asst coach.:fire:
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