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Few obvious rosters spots available


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Looking at the Fin's roster http://football.espn.go.com/nfl/roster?team=mia) most of the positions are already spoken for except possibly:
  1. 5th WR to be PR - replace Ogden
  2. DE to replace Lo Bro/Mixon or DT is Daryl moves to DE
  3. OLB to replace Gaylon
  4. DB to play ST and be 4th CB to replace Cousins
  5. Punter - to replace Turk

that's not too many openings for a team at this point in the free agent period - damn impressive. That list assumes that the 10 OL or so we have will end up with 8 or so roster spots, which is still to be seen.
dolphan39..........What do you think of A Wadsworthe?...............he should be rehabbed fully by mid Apr.
hmmm........thought he had a higher sack total (checked bhis stats). I remeber wishing Miami would end up with him in the draft. Arizona`s a sh... team to play for. Maybe when he`s fully healthy and with a new start down here he could be a beast. He`s still young.
You make an interesting point

Dolphin39...not a lot of roster spot's technically open, but
as free agency chills out...

we don't have some depth at positions,
especially LB...if any of the starters get hurt, we have
Twan Russell and Tommy Hendricks????...yikes.
Dedric Ward just had significant foot surgery...he may miss almost the entire offseason...
No to mention we don't have a #5 currently, heck a lot of teams have a #6.

We don't have a fourth cornerback...
and we probably at least need players at other positions to compete for some backup jobs.

Not that I would continue to shell out big bucks, but a few players at the minimum could be just what the doctor ordered.
In addition,
Our offensive line has depth but lacks talent in some areas.
LB is ridiculously thin. We actually have about 8 WR's on the roster guys like A Johnson and R Baker.
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