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Fiedler & Chambers Update


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Sep 2, 2001
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Chambers Injury Update
Miami Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt said WR Chris Chambers (concussion) didn’t suffer any broken bones or fractures, just a concussion during Monday night’s helmet-to-helmet hit. The team is hopeful he’ll be able to return this week.

More on Fiedler
Updating previous reports, Miami Dolphins head trainer Kevin O’Neill said surgery on QB Jay Fiedler’s (thumb) fractured thumb is being done to add stability to the injury. The instability is at the base of his thumb because the fracture results in the finger not staying in place. O’Neill said Fiedler will be out at least a month and it’ll be a week-to-week basis after that. They’re not sure if he needs screws or pins inserted into his finger, doctors will determine that once surgery takes place on Monday. He added rehab really depends on the individual.
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