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Fiedler perennial probowler?


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Mar 2, 2002
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Joe Theismann thinks he can...

Jay can play at a Pro Bowl level, and I don't mean for just one year. I think he can play at a Pro Bowl level consistently for a number of years. I don't care who the quarterback is, if you don't have the supporting cast around, you're not going to the playoffs, you're not going to the Pro Bowl.

I picked him to go to the Pro Bowl last year. I think with the right people around him, the way he handles the ball, the way he manages a game, he'll be that good.

here the link to rest of the article:

What you think about this?
Too bad he's out for a couple of weeks. Right now the only 2 playing better than him in the AFC are Bledsoe and Gannon. IMO
Fiedler has shown spurts of excelling to the next level but he hasn't gotten their consistently to deserve a trip to the pro bowl.
He'll never go to the pro bowl..even if he was deserving.

People would rather vote by sentiment (Bledsoe, Manning, Brady, Green) or by the "overated" potential (Griese etc).

He will be going to the pro bowl as much as Dolfans will unite to rally behind him as a united front. Heck, we couldn't even get enough votes from Dolfans to make him a serious contender.

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