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Fight in lockerroom?

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Timbo is injured and stormed out of the is he going to beat him up? unless he just plans on sitting on him.

I smell BS
I do hope that this is BS because i dont want the LR to be split. I think that all the players will accept him back, if Ricky does what he always does.
Coming from the source that typed the message it is BS. Also Saban wouldnt let something like that happen, and JT would never be involved in something like that. Cox might have said that, but I'm sure he was joking
This is one of the dumbest things i've ever heard of.. We're using Brian Cox as a reference? Puhhhhleeaasseeeeee.. these guys are professionals.. they will handle it as such.. maybe they'll give him an automic wedgie and hang in him on a locker hook and lock him in it too..
LOL whatever!!1

Now let's just say it is true and those are their intentions.

I guarantee you that if Saban wants Ricky back and that is how both of those guys will react that Saban will cut Bowens then trade Taylor.
Also, I bet TBO won't even be in the locker room when Ricky returns. He'll be cut or retired before training camp.
Wow the ESPN boards are the worst sports boards you can ever go to. I would take ANY reference there with a HUGE grain of salt. There are so many classless pieces of garbage in that board its sickening.
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