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    First, want to give a shoutout to all the pros here that spend countless hours dissecting all the players for us to ponder over. Slimm, CK, DK, J-off, you guys are heroes on this board. So let's get into it:

    1. Vita Vea- We need a starting DT for multiple reasons: we cut Suh, Jordan Phillips is in a contract year, and we have no one that legitimately plays a bulk of snaps. We have too many vets on defense to wait 3-4 years to develop someone. I also am thinking that the d-line rotation/subbing theme the FO has stated is a huge smokescreen. Vea comes in and starts day 1 to take on the double teams required to make 1v1s for everyone else. Suh was miscast in that role, Vea is 340 plus pounds and is so strong and freakishly athletic for his size and thats just year 1! He ran a 5.1 40 at 6'4 347, think about that for a second. He also has pass rush ability so his game is definitely not one dimensional. No one will pass on us if they just have to run up the middle 5yrds at a time and grind the game away.

    2. Joshua Elliott- Play making safety that does two things right away- Gives us a starting FS and allows us to deploy either TJ or Jones as a hybrid lb/ss role. Great awareness, playmaking ability, and can lay the wood, Elliot would be a great get at 42. His speed is slightly slower than others, but with the pass rushers we have, as well as press corners on the outside, I don't think it's going to be an issue.

    3. Fred Warner- Big, athletic linebacker who excels in space and can cover TEs. Future starter at SAM. He's kind of a tweener, but his agility and versatlity could be huge in mixing and masking what coverages we're in.

    4. Raashan Gaulden- Agressive, versatile DB who looks good in the slot and can also play safety. We need another nickel corner this year, as most of our depth is on the boundary. Bobby Mc is in a contract year as well. Gaulden is a sticky man defender who is not afraid to step up in the run game as well.

    4. Durham Smythe- Blocking TE with great size, good agility, and versatile enough to not give a play away when he's put in. Blocking is his forte, but he can still flex out and be a big target in the middle or goaline. I'm buying what Gase is saying about going more 4 wide, we have a lot of Wrs who can make plays and it's time to open it up. Smythe and Escobar, with Gray and Derby is good enough this year.

    6. Darrel Williams- Big back, nothing fancy he's just gonna run through you. Also can catch out of the backfield. Team MVP. . bruiser to fill out the stable and could learn a lot from Gore.

    7. K

    7. Qb
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