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Finally time to get things right in Miami

Come Back Danny

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Dec 26, 2004
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I was fooled also by the hiring of Saban and believed we were headed back to the top of the league. I think it was very obvious that Nick was not our savior and wasn't going to be even if he hung in there for a few more years. (the hiring of Malarky proves my point)

The good news is that Wayne and company have ANOTHER opportunity to get us the right guy(s) to turn things around. We just need to support our team right now and hope they do us pround finally.

P.S. I'm drained thinking/talking about Saban. He's history in my book just like Jimmy and Wanny are.

P.S.S. If Malarky gets the HC position I'm becoming a Jets Fan :boohoo:


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Feb 28, 2005
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first off, Mularkey wont.

2ndly, i feel sabans pro coachign career fell apart the day scott linehan became HC of the rams.

I think we're in pretty good shape though. We have more cap room then anyones saying in the media. We've got a real solid draft pick this year, and if Brohm and Russell declare i think its safe to say we can get one of them. We've got a real solid running back for years to come. Im not afraid at all.
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