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Finfans Please help


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Jan 25, 2004
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Im going on vaca to key west .. and im going to be drivin down there when the draft is on. Im coming from NJ and id like to know of any radio stations from here to key west that are going to broadcast the draft. ive never listened to it on the radio but i cannot drive down there and miss this day in fins history please help me out
the stations change so much from city to city. if your hauling *** on the highway, you may need to change the station every hour or so
I am going to be on the road as well the whole weekend. Anyone with Sprint want to text message me with info?
its all real simple. lock onto one station when you depart for your trips and when the signal gets fuzzy, hit seek on your radio until you find a sports station w/the draft on. and on and on
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