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Sep 2, 2001
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Do you like to win free stuff? Of course you do... Do you like footballl? Well, if you don't, I don't know why you're here.

The FinHeaven & Co Football Pool is going to kick off this week. Sign up to win free stuff including a jersey, memorbilia, and more awesome Miami Dolphins gear!

Besides getting free stuff... ask your friends to sign up to have some friendly competition!

So, head on over to the FinHeaven & Co Football Pool and get READY to RUMBLE!
When are your cut-off dates for Weeks with Sunday and Monday only games? How about when there are Weeks with Thursday and Saturday games?
Ok, great example this week. Cutoff for this game (49ers vs Giants) was at kickoff for that game, however, you can still pick the rest of the week... That goes for ANY early game like Saturdays or whatever. However, the VERY last cutoff is Sunday, 1pm EST.
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