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Fins in 2003


Nov 19, 2001
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Attention Football fans!

Miami is making the most aggressive offseason moves of any respectable team. For once we are acquiring free agents and veterans to take us to the next level. Draft picks are good, and the O- line still needs help, but the moves we have made in the free agent market are going to push us over the top.

So, do what I have been doing. Spread the word. Miami is ready for the new season. I can't wait for the first hit. Fiedler will have RW in the backfield. CC and OG and DW and JM (even though he sucks) to throw to. Norv calling the plays. Wow!!!! We truly do have a chance to go far next year.

Word of advice to the coaches. "Give the ball to Ricky and Chris"

Super Bowl, Super Bowl, bring on the Super Bowl. I only wish the season was tomorrow.
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