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Fins roster and your thoughts


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Sep 11, 2002
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Ok, so I am bored. I decided to try and guess the Dolphins opening day roster. Now, I know it is early and many a thing can and will change, but for now, bear with me. Nothing too surprising. I just listed everyone who I thought would make the roster. The catch is, I have left room for one more person ( assuming my math is correct ). Look over the roster and tell me what you think and who you would award the last spot to, based on what we curently know.

QB (3)
A.J. Feeley
Gus Frerotte
Sage Rosenfels
HB (4)
Ronnie Brown
Ricky Williams
Lamar Gordon
Kay Jay Harris
FB (2)
Heath Evans
Sammy Morris
WR (6)
Chris Chambers
Marty Booker
David Boston
Derrius Thompson
Wes Welker
Bryan Gilmore
TE (3)
Randy McMichael
Donald Lee
Ed Perry
OL (10)
Damien McIntosh
Damien Cook
Wade Smith
Seth McKinney
Stockar McDougle
Vernan Carey
Rex Hadnot
Jeno James
John St. Calir
Anthony Alabi

DL (7)
Jason Taylor
Kevin Carter
Vonnie Holliday
Matt Roth
Keith Traylor
Larry Chester
Kevin Vickerson
David Bowens
LB (6)
Junior Seau
Zach Thomas
Channing Crowder
Donnie Spragan
Eddie Moore
Derrick Pope
DB (8)
Sam Madison
Reggie Howard
Travis Daniels
Mario Edwards
Travares Tillman
Tebucky Jones
Tony Bua
Yeremiah Bell

K (1)
Olindo Mare
P (1)
Matt Turk

This leaves me at 52. There is room for one spot. I left Tim Bowens off due to his impending retirement. Larry Chester and David Bowens might not make it either, but for now, I kept them on. My question is this. Where does that last spot go? I am inclined to put in on the defense seeing as how they have less people on the roster and that spot would have been Will Poole. I guess maybe R.W. McQuarters, Bobby Taylor or anyone else who may be released could end up here. What do you guys think? Assuming the above roster is set in stone ( which it isn't ), who would you give the last spot too?
I think your roster looks good. I guess Zgonina could make the team since we need depth at DT.
Gotta add Ayanbadejo for ST's, or Chris Atkins.
i wouldn't be surprised if morris gets the axe in favor of someone like martin. i think morris is a little undersized to be a FB.
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