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First good news of the day


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Aug 26, 2002
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At the start of the second half, the Chargers open up a 21-14 lead over the Splats. Tomlinson has had TD runs of 37 and 58 yards.....WOW. Looks like the Pats D is slipping a bit too. Tomlinson already has 161 yards, he could be heading for a monster day.


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If the Chargers pull it out this will certainly give us some confidence going into next week. Also, the Chargers look like a pretty good team this year. If they don't start to unravel like they did last year I think the whole league should keep their eyes on them.
YES! Some good news today! As we can see the division is still up for grabs, and a win next week will get us back on track.
YEAH PATRIOTS LOSE!!!! Today is more bearable now. :) Let's kick their asses next week! :evil:
Last two games for New England defense:


Holmes 160+ yards
Tomlinson 200+ yards

Gotta feel good about next week!!!
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