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First Half Thoughts (merged)


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Mar 10, 2002
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First Half Thoughts


Ray Lucas (looked sharp
Robert Baker (3 rec 76 yrds)
Konrad (4 catches)
McDrops (2 catches)
Minor (before the fumble, that is)
AJ Johnson (Nice PR, and nice catch)
O-Gun (nice sack)
H.Taylor (nice sack)


Obviously, the opening KR for TB TD
Lack of running game by our starting offense
Couple big runs given up by our D

Let's see more of McMicheal in the 2nd half!
First Half

What’s happening fellow ‘Fin-lovers!? The first half of the first preseason game is over and there have been some things that looked very good, and some things that definitely looked like they still need some work. I’ll start with the positive:

1. Robert Baker!! I’ve always heard good things about him but WOW, he really looked great out there.
2. Albert Johnson on KR and PR. I haven’t heard anything from about this guy but here he is out there doing all return duties. He looked good and is pulling things off nicely. I could definitely see him working out well in the regular season.
3. Travis Minor looked good throughout his time in the game until the fumble. I don’t have too many worries about him coming into games to spell Williams.
4. The pass defense was dominant and doesn’t look to be any weaker anywhere.
5. Rob Konrad really looked impressive out there tonight!

Some things I’d like to see improved upon:

1. Run defense! These guys gave up some runs that just never should have happened.
2. The offensive line still looked a little shaky but managed to look better as the half wore on.
3. PENALTIES! PENALTIES! PENALTIES! Obviously, there were just too many of them and this is not good as this was clearly a serious problem last year and really needs to be addressed somehow.
4. Things still looked a little too “vanilla†but my guess is this is more a result of preseason planning than anything else.

Well ladies and gents, that’s all for now. I’m just going to do a first half commentary as I’m sure there are going to be 10,000 of them for the entire game. Late!`
It looked like we got manhandled. Was that the Buc's second string offense dominating our first string defense on their second touchdown? It think so.
Good analysis scott... but I think with more time on the field, the running game would have worn them down...Ricky gets better as the game goes on... I didn't expect to see him explode out there with only a few minutes on the field...
Where is our Defensive End on defense. Thats the problem.
I was pissed, but it is only a preseason game, so who cares. I just haven't seen the Dolphins play in months and I guess I expected a blowout or something. My real wish is to come away without any injuries!!
Jay looked pretty good out there, with the exception of missing to CC on two balls. Didn't look too rusty.

Also, what is the status on Omare Lowe? He was injured near the end of the half.
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