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First round mock draft, all 32 picks!!!


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I only did one trade and thats with our beloved Dolphins, other trades are just too hard for me to predict.

1. San Francisco - Arron Rodgers, QB
2. Minnesota - Braylon Edwards, WR
3. Cleveland - Alex Smith, QB
4. Chicago - Ronnie Brown, RB
5. Tampa Bay - Mike Williams, WR
6. Tennessee - Antrel Rolle, CB
7. Miami - Carnell Williams, RB
8. Arizona - Cedric Benson, RB
9. Washington - Pacman Jones, CB
10. Detroit - Derrick Johnson, OLB
11. Dallas - Shawn Merriman, DE/OLB
12. San Diego - Troy Williams, WR
13. Houston - Alex Barron, OT
14. Carolina - kalif Barnes, OT
15. Kansas City - Carlos Rodgers, CB
16. New Orleans - Thomas Davis, S/OLB
17. Cincinnati - Marcus Spears, DE
18. Miami - Mark Clayton, WR
19. St. Louis - David Pollack, DE
20. Dallas - Roddy White, WR
21. Jacksonville - Demarcus Ware, DE/OLB
22. Baltimore - Travis Johnson, DT
23. Seattle - Erasmus James, DE
24. Green Bay - Jason Cambell, QB
25. Washington - Matt Jones, WR
26. Oakland - Fabian Washington, CB
27. Atlanta - Jammal Brown, OT
28. San Diego - Dan Cody, DE
29. Indianapolis - Barrett Ruud, ILB
30. Pittsburgh - Marlin Jackson, CB
31. Philadelphia - Chris Spencer, C
32. New England - Odel Thurman, ILB

**Miami receives #7 and #18 in the first round, as well as #154 in the fifth, and Minnesota's 4th round pick next year.

Let me know what you guys think, I may be off a little bit with some players going to high or low, and with all the DE's I think it is a crap shoot on which teams like which ones.
Ruud will probably and thats IMO go before Thurman especially if it is the pats choosing between the 2. The reason is Ruud has had visits with the Pats more than once. Good though, like the Fins picks.
I like the mock except I think Ware is going to Dallas at #11. Also, if Benson was sitting there at #7, and we had that pick, I would have to pick him over Caddy.
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