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fish head says:

Not open for further replies. jerks need to quit it...You Buffalo fans are registering in as different names and it's very childish and ignorant...You guys need to learn some character :yell: :rolleyes:
let's see how many of you stick around after today..huh :fire:
I am Herdwatcher. I'm that here, and at my home the BBI.
so, suck it up, and don't let it get to you.
If your feelings have been hurt, then read the 195 to 79 post
they will be more than hurt, they will be injured.
I don't expect to be seeing you around here anymore after today so you suck it up :mad:...You might be who you are but this "fishhead" is obviously another one of your boys pathetic recruits..and it needs to stop and will after today.
Quick! somebody call a Waa-mbulance! LMAO!!

Hey Bliz:

Originally posted by ArcticWildMan
Quick! somebody call a Waa-mbulance! LMAO!!


Damn! Is that mother f**king deer up there in your parts now Wildman?! How about that mother f**king dog? is he still tailing the mother f**king deer?
Originally posted by ArcticWildMan

Well, I guess you haven't heard the 911 tape.
You'll laugh your ass off!!

There is a guy who calls for a......Waa-mbulance!
Because he just hit a....mother f**king deer, and it bit him on the mother f**king neck.
While being in the phone booth making his 911 call,
there is this.....mother f**king dog out side trying to bite him and get to the...mother f**king deer he has in the back seat of the car.
This all took place at the mother f**king qik "E" mart..

I think this sums it up.
Duh! I knew that!

I kinda thought that was what you were talking about but wasn't sure.

You like the pic? Very appropriate, eh? :D
I am who I am (I am fish head)

I am no recruit,,,, I am fish head...........

what does that mean ? you say?...........

I am just a big fish looking for some action........

I said to my self,,,, maybe I'll swim down to miami to be with the other fish heads..........

I want congratulate my fellow fish heads on our great win today...

we couldn't have been better if we played the lions........

now that we are in the playoffs ,,,,,,,,,,, I figure 1 more game and we can all go fishing............

so best of luck next week and see you on the dock........

so from the bottom of my red white and blue BILLS heart.......

enjoy your one game playoff and we will see you fish in the fall....

fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads:goof:
Whoever you CLAIM to be..shut up and go on with your offseason..See you in the fall so we can continue our streak..bye bye now :p
Not open for further replies.
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