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Oct 3, 2001
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Orlando, FL
I guess I will be.....................MISS FLORIDA ;)

I live in the Orlando area and attend at least 3-4 Florida Dolphin games a season. I have 13 games under my belt so far, therefore I am no rookie. :) If anyone is looking to hook up for a Florida Dolphin game next season, drop me a PM or IM me. :)

AOL IM: miadphan13
Yahoo IM: miadphan13
MSN IM: deflep1989
Hey Miadphan13,

I'm also from Orlando...well I've lived here for 21 years, I'm originally from Key West, Fl. I went to a lot of games as a kid but haven't found too many opportunities to go back since.

I never miss a game though! (on television that is)
Used to go to 3-4 games a year whe I lived close. Now that I'm in Tampa, I'm happy to see one. I'm looking to go to a rivalry game.
finfan77, I`ve been a charter boat capt. in Key West since 1973. The town sure has changed!
It sure has. We left when I was 12 and I went back about 4 years ago with the family...I was shocked to see all the condo's and commercial crap that has popped up. It kind of made me sad because it was nothing like what I remembered when we left.

My dad spent two years building what was his dream house, pool and all. I drove by to check it out, what was a one story with a pool was know a two story with the pool filled in.

I grew up on the baseball fields, so it was nice to see the improvements there, but everything else was hard to swallow.

I still have an aunt who lives down there but she spends the winters up here with us.
When I moved to this island in 73 I looked at a 2 story conch house with a yard that was for sale. price: $14,000. That same house today would be $600,000! Oh well.......the ex wife would have gotten it anyway. :) Nice talk`n to yu.
Thanks for the directions Miadphan13. Sometimes you need a travel agent to give directions. :rolleyes:

We're talking about hooking up and tailgating for a few games next year in case anyone is interested.
I would LOVE to also!! :D My friend Scubaman13 (member of this board) flew down from Michigan last season to go with me to the Jets game. I also hang out with JayDog57 (also a member) once in a while. Looking forward to meeting even more of you guys! :D
:cool: Sounds great. The schedule should be coming out shortly so we can all pick which ones we want to do.
I heard it comes out the first week of April. I am definately going to the preseason game in Tampa, the Jets & Raiders games too. :D My friend wants to fly down for the Lions game as well. :)
Cool. The Jets and Raiders games are guaranteed to sell out in no more than a few days, so we'll have to act quickly once the schedule is announced.
Hey Ice, Scubaman13 and I talk at least 3 times a week by IM or phone. Since graduating college, he is busting ass to find an IT job and also work his regular job. He will be back on FinHeaven soon. :)
GOOD IT jobs are tough to find right now. I can tell you that much.
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