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Mar 1, 2002
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In fantasy football I have been offered a trade. I have Marshall Faulk and have been offered Marvin Harrison and Eddie George for him. With Eddie's toe a question, does anyone have any thoughts on if I should make the deal or not. Thanks for any suggestions. I realize this should be on the fantasy board but didn't know how many people would respond quickly enough.
This is strictly an opinion call but I would take that trade in heartbeat. Eddie is back he is looking like the 1400 yard rusher of old and I really don't think that the toe is gonna be a problem this year. Remember Marshall has missed a few games each of the past 2 years, this is obviously no diss to Marshall b/c he has certainly made up for any time he misses.

And as for Marvin ... if he doesn't get 10 TDs this year I will bend over and kiss my own a$$ on the 50 yard line of Pro Player. Take the trade!!!
Yep i would jump on that brother, your getting a top 10 back and a top 5 reciever for one player, think about this, do you think harrison and george will score more points than marshall, your downgrading your running game, but not by much and your upgrading your recieving core by a top 3 reciever
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